Auto loans, home loans, personal loans–whenever you need to borrow money, let Blue Flame be your preferred lender. We’ll make sure you are in the right product at the lowest possible rate.

Easy online application you can complete in the convenience of your own home. Learn More

Vehicle Loans

We can help you get in your first car, your family car, or your next recreational vehicle with low rates and flexible terms. Learn More

Mastercard Credit Card

The worldwide acceptance of Mastercard gives you the peace of mind when you need a credit card. Learn More

Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

Paying for a wedding, a vacation or a new computer is easy when you borrow at Blue Flame. Learn More

Secured Personal Loans

Utilize your own funds as security for lower rate loans that are also a good way to establish or rebuild credit. Learn More

Home Equity Line of Credit

The lending power of your home can help when large expenses need to be paid. Learn More

First Mortgages

Buying a home is still the American Dream and Blue Flame wants to help you achieve it. Learn More

Lending Rates

Low, competitive rates for all your borrowing needs. Learn More

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