Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit safely and securely deposits your paycheck or federal benefits check electronically from the source directly into your personal Blue Flame accounts.

Direct Deposit is Free & Convenient

The fast and worry-free way to deposit your paycheck or other recurring deposit, Direct Deposit is available to all members regardless of where they work. Simply provide the Blue Flame Credit Union Routing Number: 253074951 and your Blue Flame account number to your HR/Payroll department.

Then, just let the credit union know how you’d like your direct deposit allocated among your accounts. You can deposit into any of your savings or checking accounts, or even apply a payment to one of your Blue Flame loans. Just complete our Direct Deposit Allocation Form and we’ll take care of the rest.

You can also set up automatic transfers through Online Banking if you’d like to manage your direct deposit allocations yourself.

PNG Employees

If you are an employee of Piedmont Natural Gas, use the PNG Employee Workday system to make changes to your Direct Deposit (PNG Issued UserID/Password Required)

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