Disaster Relief Program

Blue Flame CU offers members the help they require in the time of need following a natural disaster — regardless of their credit. And take note: this program is available to all Duke Energy employees and their immediate family members too!

Nature isn’t selective over who she impacts. We understand the needs can be costly during the recovery period after a natural disaster. Our special Disaster Relief Program is designed to help ease this financial burden and is available to members for three or more months following a natural disaster.

Program Features

Disaster Relief Loan*

Our goal is to help as many members as possible after a natural disaster. Our special Disaster Relief Loan aims to do just that. Loan approval is not contingent on credit score and loan amounts are available up to $3,000 for a 12-month term.

Disaster Relief Program
LoanAPR*Max Term
Disaster Relief Loan5.99%12 months

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate

Loan Payment Relief

If you qualify for our Disaster Relief Program, you can get some relief from your existing Blue Flame CU loan payments, including:

  • Temporary reduction of payments on existing loans
  • 30, 60, or 90-day payment deferral on existing loans
  • Interest-only payments (considered on a case-by-case basis for a specified time period)

Fee Waivers

If you qualify for our Disaster Relief Program, fees or penalties will be waved for the following:

  • Official Checks
  • Skip A Pay requests
  • Share or IRA Certificate early withdrawals


Blue Flame Credit Union will consult FEMA’s Disaster Declarations website to determine if a member is qualified for the Disaster Relief Program.

Contact the credit union today to enroll in our Disaster Relief Program.

*Loans will not be approved for any member under a bankruptcy plan, under a credit counseling plan or who has caused the credit union any loss. The member must be currently employed and provide their most recent pay stub. Retirement Benefits Statements will be used in lieu of pay stubs if the member is retired. Additional amounts may be approved on a case by case basis with management approval. Collateral may be required to secure the loan based on the amount requested. If collateral is required the maximum interest rate will be 5.99% but may be lower if the member’s credit score qualifies for a lower interest rate on a secured loan. Not applicable to real estate-based collateral.

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