Member Testimonials

“I recently bought a new vehicle from BFCU and it was so easy. I got pre-approved very quickly for the vehicle I had ordered. Communication was great making this the easiest car purchase ever. Blue Flame nailed it!”

— Fred Martin

“I can’t say enough great things about Blue Flame and my experience with them. They’re super helpful when I’ve needed them, awesome rates, and overall, an easy process when dealing with loans. Very pleased!”

— William Cooley

“I have been with Blue Flame Credit Union for over thirty years now. I am very please with the service that they have provided over the years. I’m so pleased that I don’t deals with any banks for my needs I would recommend Blue Flame Credit Union to anyone. I want to say a big thank you to Blue Flame Credit Union in Charlotte for the years of great service they have provided to me they are the best.”

— Debra Harris

“Blue Flame Credit Union has always been easy to work with over the 40 plus years I have dealt with them.  Whether it was saving for a rainy day, children, grandchildren, Christmas,  vacation or buying vehicles and campers, they have been there for our family.”

— Teresa Von Cannon

“During the spring of 1964, I graduated with a business degree. After I was hired by Piedmont Natural Gas I went to a meeting for new employees and Blue Flame Credit Union was mentioned. I was very impressed with the group discussion. Blue Flame Credit Union was open for enrollment for their new employees. They offered savings, checking, car loans and etc.

I was very impressed with the Credit Union. I went directly to them and opened saving and checking accounts. The credit union has always been faithful to me, my husband, and my son. We were able to finance our cars with no problems. We are so happy to be apart of Blue Flame Credit Union. Thank you, Blue Flame Credit union, for all your help during my years.”

— Donna Phillips

“My family and I have been Blue Flame Credit Union members for over 43 years. The BFCU has always been a help to us for assisting us in our financial endeavors. Without the assistance and guidance of the BFCU, we realize our financial future and plans would not have been attained, especially when discrepancies and attempted fraud efforts were discovered and corrected effectively. We want to thank the BFCU for their consistent and considerate service for all these years.”

— Dennis Johnson

“We’ve been with Blue Flame Credit Union for years; they have done so much for us for years. They are easy to work with and you get that one-on-one service. It feels like a family there. We are so happy to be apart of the Blue Flame Credit Union.”

— Jeff Davis

“Blue Flame as always been my go-to from mortgage to car and RV loans. They have always been the best to work with and beat everyone’s rates. So glad they are there for me when a loan is needed. Rate them 5 stars out of 5.”

— Rick Mahaley

“I have been a member of Blue Flame Credit Union for 29 years.  The online banking is easy to access and available 24/7.   Blue Flame is everything a bank should be.  Blue Flame has an awesome team and dedicated staff.  The whole team is there to help.”

— Susan Carrier

“I just want to say it’s been a great pleasure working with you guys for the past 32 years and I’m looking forward to another 32 years, keep up the great work.”

— Curtis Campbell

“More than twenty years ago, a coworker suggested that I open an account with the Blue Flame Credit Union. Since that time, my membership with the BFCU has become invaluable. Whether addressing an unexpected financial emergency, purchasing a vehicle, or saving money for future plans, the BFCU has always demonstrated a willingness to help. It is their personalized attention and professional service that sets them apart from other financial institutions.”

— Luther M. Allison

“My experience with Blue Flame Credit Union over the years has been nothing but pleasant regardless of my need or the reason for my call or interaction. Blue Flame Credit Union has been an organization with employees I have felt I could count on for being helpful and always have the facts (and figures) ready when needed. I can’t say enough about the employees there and how helpful, caring and professional they are.”

— Lori Benfield

“I’ve been with Blue Flame Credit Union forever. Good access, no problems ever, good relationship with Charles. I was the first to use the ATM across the street there forever ago. All my daughters are members of the Credit Union, and the Credit Union was able to help financially better themselves.”

— James Blackmon

“As a member of The Blue Flame Credit Union for over thirty years, It has been an honor and privilege to be part of the membership. From the early days of opening a savings account, to adding a Christmas & Vacation Club account, to adding Vehicle Loans and Mortgage Loans of today. Over the years, BFCU has helped make my family’s financial needs a priority and reality. Thank you, Blue Flame CU for the many years of support. I look forward to continuing to utilize the services provided for my family’s financial needs.”

— Doug Wilson
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