Secured Personal Loans

If you prefer to utilize your own funds as security for a loan, Blue Flame has several low rate secured loans available. No credit review is required. Secured loans are an excellent way to establish first time credit or begin rebuilding credit.Use funds from your Blue Flame savings accounts or certificates† or special collateral to secure a loan.

Share Secured Loan

Utilize the funds you have in your Blue Flame Savings accounts† as security for a loan and pay a lower interest rate than you would with a standard personal loan.

  • Rates are based upon the current share rate, plus 3.00%.
  • Loan term may be extended to a maximum of 72 months.

Certificate Secured Loan

Loans secured by Blue Flame Certificates† carry a lower interest rate than do standard personal loans.

Secured Loans
AccountAPR*Max Term
Savings SecuredShare Rate + 3.00%84 months
Certificate SecuredCertificate Rate + 3.00%36 months
Effective December 1, 2021

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. †Loan amount based on savings or certificate balance.

Secured Mastercard Credit Card

If you have not established credit or need to rebuild your credit, a Secured Mastercard Credit Card is a good way to begin establishing good credit. Use funds from from your Blue Flame Savings account† as security for your credit card. After a period of having a secured credit card account in good standing, you may request to transition into an unsecured card with an increased credit limit.

If you don’t have funds available or prefer not to tie up your funds as security, Personal Loans & Lines of Credit are also available.

†IRA Shares/Certificates and Money Market Shares may not be used as security for a loan.
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