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Resources for Young Adults

There's no play book in life. Getting older requires a little help to get wiser. These interactive blogs, podcasts, and learning modules will help pave the way.

Adult Challenges for Young Adult Lives

You are experiencing a lot of firsts in your life, and they all come with big decisions. Make sure you are informed to make the best one you can.

MoneyMix Blog

MoneyMix is a blog written for young adults, by young adults, about handling money, work and life.

Guides to Money

Use the Guides to Money simulations & courses to master basic money skills

  • Spend - Buy a Car
  • Save - Set & Achieve Goals
  • Manage - Simplify Checking
  • Borrow - Build Credit

Car Buying Simulation

This Guides to Money interactive tool simulates the car buying process

Simplify Checking Guide

With this Guides to Money course you can determine what type of account meets your needs while increasing your understanding of deposits, withdrawals and tracking transactions.

Home & Auto Insurance

  • Credit union members could save up to $427 a year on car insurance.
  • Make sure you understand how to insure the biggest purchase in your financial life — your home.
  • Insurance for your home that protects your belongings, and wallet too.
How much could you save on car & home insurance? Get quote.