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Resources for Prime Adults

Middle age requires a special balancing act of spending and investing right now and having a vision for your future. Our resources cover all the major topics you are likely to encounter.

Planning for Today & Tomorrow

You probably still have children to take care of or are a part of the sandwich generation with a parent partially or fully dependent on you as well. Use the tools below to plan ahead for your own life and to help guide your young adult children.

Insurance Products

  • Protect Your Assets and Your Family
  • How Much is Enough

Buying a Car

  • Negotiate the Deal
  • Do Your Homework Before You Shop
  • Warranties and Add-Ons

Buying a House

  • Brush Up on the Vocabulary
  • Understand the Steps from Shopping to Closing
  • Only Buy What You Can Afford

Managing Money

  • Savings Goals Throughout Life's Ups and Downs
  • Get Your Children in on the Act
  • Preparing for Big Changes like a Baby or Job Loss

Fraud Protection

  • Avoid Being a Victim
  • The Steps to Take Now
  • Surviving the Aftermath of ID Theft