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Mobile Security Changes

The credit union and the vendor supporting our mobile banking service maintain high security standards. Changes to security protocols may impact your ability to use Mobile Money.

Protecting your personal data

Maintaining high security standards for managing member data is important to BFCU, especially when you are accessing your account with your mobile device.

Our mobile banking vendor uses what is know as Transport Layer Security (TLS). This TLS is the security layer which ensures that a connection from the app to the data platform is secure, encrypted and safe from malicious attacks.

Older Versions Discontinued

If the operating System on your phone is an older version, it may not be compatible with TLS version 1.2, the version currently used by BFCU. This latest TLS version is more secure than its predecessors.

Effect on Mobile Money users

If you have an older Operating System (OS) version you may get an error when attempting to access your account. You will need to upgrade your OS version to resolve the issue.

Compatible OS Versions

  • Android Devices - KitKat (Level 20) and above
  • Apple Devices - iOS 8 and above