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Mobile Card Management

Control your debit & credit cards directly from your mobile phone using the CardValet App

Manage your cards at the touch of a button

Using the BFCU CardValet App you can easily monitor card activity and place blocks on the card as needed. Simply download the CardValet application from the Apple Store or Google Play; see Quick Reference Guide for details. Once you have registered you may:

  • Turn your card On or Off
  • Set Controls or Alerts
  • View Balances and Card Transactions

Protect your cards from fraud

If you believe your BFCU debit or credit card has been lost or stolen you can immediately block the card from transactions and either turn the card back on when it is located or use the app to report the lost/stolen card. Want to learn more about fraud? Check out Scam & Fraud Awareness.

The CardValet service is free. Your wireless provider may charge for data usage, consult provider for details.