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Balance Transfers 5.90% APR

If you are looking to simplify your finances and save money, a balance transfer to a Blue Flame Credit Union Mastercard is the answer!

Simplify your wallet

A balance transfer is when you pay off the existing balance on one or more credit cards and move those balances to a new card with a lower interest rate.

Check your wallet and you'll probably find credit cards with interest rates of 21% or higher. When you move your balance(s) from other cards to your BFCU Mastercard, the transfer rate will be 5.90% APR* You'll save hundreds while you pay down your debt at our low rate.

Reduced rate & no fees

Often other financial institutions charge a fee to move this debt around, but there is no balance transfer fee with us and the rate remains 5.90% APR* until the transfer is paid in full! Making the switch will cost you nothing , but save you a lot. A BFCU card is a good value any time, with 9.90% APR* on purchases and cash advances.

Simplify your payment dates

If you have trouble keeping payment dates and minimum payments straight on multiple cards, consolidating your balances with the Blue Flame Mastercard simplifies the payment process. With one due date and one balance to track, you'll have an easier time knowing exactly what you owe and when.

Hurry offer only available for a limited time!

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. 5.90% APR applies to balance transfers only. Purchases and Cash Advances will be 9.90% APR.