Blue Flame Credit Union is here to help you navigate your financial life with resources for managing your money, teaching your children about saving, and planning your retirement.

Buying a Car

With so many models and options, you need to be smart before you start shopping. Learn More

Buying a House

Before you make the biggest financial decision in your life, take the time to learn the basics of searching, buying and negotiating for your new home. Learn More

Protecting Your ID

There are several steps YOU can take to protect your name, personal information and financial information so you don't become a victim of fraud. Learn More

Planning for Retirement

It's never too early to start planning. Our resources will get you on the right track. Learn More

Managing Money

Whether it's your first savings account or entire financial portfolio, managing your money takes skill and practice. Learn More


Our partners at CUNA offer many activities and lessons designed to help you give meaningful instruction to your preschooler. Learn More

K-12 Students

Websites, games, and articles to guide your school-aged child through money lesseson independently or with your help. Learn More

Young Adults

Sound financial advice as you begin to make the big decisions. Learn More

Prime Adults

Balancing the needs and decisions today and for tomorrow require extra care and guidance. Learn More


You've made it. Now make the right moves to stay there comfortably. Learn More