My Blue Flame Wallet App

Manage your debit and credit cards easily from your mobile phone. The My Blue Flame Wallet App lets you control usage and spending on the go. Once you download the App, control of your cards is always just a few taps away.

Protect your card from fraud

A lost or stolen card is just one area of concern in today’s world where identity theft, skimming and other attacks are an unfortunate reality. If you believe your Blue Flame debit or credit card has been lost or stolen you can immediately block the card from transactions & either turn the card back on when it’s located or use the app to report the lost/stolen card. When your card is “off”, no withdrawals or purchases will be approved; so turning your card off when you know you aren’t going to be using it can help safeguard against fraud.

Control spending & monitor finances

If you are trying to establish or stick to a budget, My Blue Flame Wallet App can help. Set spending limits for general use or specify by merchant types such as gas, groceries or retail stores. Going on vacation or holiday shopping? Simply update your transaction controls to fit your spending needs. You can review your balances and transactions from anywhere using the My Blue Flame Wallet App.

Your card, your terms – Parental Controls

Whether they are at the local mall or away at college, your kids want to spend money. You aren’t their personal ATM, but you do need a way to teach then good financial habits while supporting their needs and managing their spending. My Blue Flame Wallet App has convenient features like threshold limits, merchant categories and on/off controls that allow you to decide when, where and how a card can be used.

Getting started with My Blue Flame Wallet App

Simply download the My Blue Flame Wallet App application from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Once you have registered your cards, you may:

  • Turn your card On or Off
  • Set Controls or Alerts
  • View Balances and Card Transactions

The My Blue Flame Wallet App service is free. Your wireless provider may charge for data usage, consult provider for details.

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